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Selection criteria

There are several aspects to consider when selecting a hearing protector. Here's a grouping of the most important selection criteria to help you choose the right Sordin product.

Passive or electronic?

The first selection is between a passive and an electronic hearing protector. A passive hearing protector uses mechanical noise attenuation only, whereas an electronic hearing protector uses a combination of mechanical attenuation and electronic audio processing to compress noise to safe levels.

Although generally lower priced, a passive hearing protector is by no means “worse” than an electronic one. In fact, attenuation levels can be higher on selected models by adding more noise absorbing materials, which makes a passive product more suitable, or even a prerequisite, in extremely noisy environments.

The main reason to choose an electronic product is to enjoy the many complementary functions that are enabled using built-in electronics, such as ambient sound reproduction, media streaming and team intercom using an external or integrated communications solution.

Wired or wireless connection?

Every electronic Sordin hearing protector supports the connection of an external device, for example a smartphone or a 2-way radio. Connectivity is either wired, using a built-in 3.5-mm AUX input, or wireless using Bluetooth® Multipoint, depending on product. Of course, wireless connection can be accomplished on all electronic models by connecting a third-party wireless device to the 3.5-mm AUX input.

Indoor or outdoor use?

There is no clear line between Sordin products suitable for indoor or outdoor use. All our hearing protectors are robustly designed and moist resistant. However, some products are designed specifically for continuous heavy-duty outdoor work.

For example, the passive Sordin Classic and Sordin Seal were originally developed to protect plant workers’ hearing, while the waterproof electronic Sordin Supreme was designed to meet stringent military requirements for ruggedness and reliability, qualities that continue to make it first choice for many quality-aware outdoor users.

Internal or external communication solution?

All electronic Sordin hearing protectors are prepared for team intercom by connecting external communications equipment. Besides using a 2-way radio, you can creatively build a workteam intercom solution by allowing group members to connect their smartphones to their hearing protectors via the 3.5-mm AUX input and communicate with each other via a group phone call or a web- or app-based meeting service.

With Sordin Sharp, you can connect any external communications solution wirelessly, using Bluetooth® Multipoint. Our most advanced electronic product, Sordin Share, comes with a built-in communication solution to enable secure intercom between up to fifteen Sordin Share users.

Headband, neckband or helmet mounted?

Depending on product family, you can choose between headband, neckband or helmet-mounted models. Helmet-mounted versions are available in certain product families, with attachments available for selected industrial helmet brands and models, while neckband versions allow you combine your hearing protector with any popular hard hat or helmet type.

Variants, accessories and spare parts

Some Sordin models come with selectable features including different sealing-ring materials (foam or gel), cup colors, or headband colors, textures and materials. When ordered in large numbers, certain products can also be offered custom made, i.e. manufactured according to customer specification or machine-processed upon delivery.

Sordin offers a selection of accessories for users' own enhancement or customization of their hearing protector. Accessories include boom microphones for audible communication even in extremely noisy environments and push-to-talk (PTT) devices for quiet intercom during no-talk intervals (electronic models only).

Detachable wearing parts are available as spare parts or for optional product enhancement. On selected models, standard foam sealing rings can be replaced by more comfortable gel rings. Replacement rings come as part of complete hygiene kits, also including one pair of inserts, and are available for all Sordin product families.

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