In-ear hearing

Sordin’s in-ear products are a perfect complement to over-the-ear hearing protectors. They offer very high attenuation when used together with a Sordin earmuff. They are also perfect for use in mild noise or as a substitute when you don’t have access to your earmuff.

Sordin SmartEar


Sordin SmartEar™ is designed as Personal Protection Equipment for noisy working environments such machine shops, factories and construction. The sound level will be reduced by 20 dB, making it safe for 8 hours continuous use in any environment up to 105 dB. These earplugs can be combined with earmuffs in very loud situations where double protection is a requirement.

Sordin SmartEar


Using patented impulse filter technology, the Sordin SmartEar™ Impulse earplug reduces peak sound pressure levels produced by gun and rifle shots. Developed for military application and used by NATO soldiers, Sordin SmartEar™ Impulse is ANSI IPIL certified for impulse noise up to 166 dB where it provides 33 dB of attenuation. When sound peaks are not present, the earplug provides 19 dB SNR, ensuring voice and ambient noise can be heard with minimum occlusion effect.

Sordin SoftEar


Sordin offers a full range of passive earplugs to complement its earmuff hearing protector range. Sordin SoftEar comprises five different product categories including disposable/ reusable and corded/uncorded models. All products come in at least two different size variants for easy fit for all users. Sordin also offers a reusable dispenser for easy accessibility.

Sordin In-Ear products


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