Extra high attenuation – made for very noisy environments. Just perfect for a long day at the shooting range.

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Flexible attenuation

The SFA™ concept lets you toggle easily between two different attenuation levels, SNR 31 or 26 dB, by mounting or dismounting the removable distance ring and absorbent.

Psychological effects

With an all-time-high SNR value of 31 dB, we are taking the legendary Sordin Supreme Pro-X to the next level. The extreme attenuation makes this model perfect for a whole day at the shooting range.

Compact mode

Choose between four audio profiles, each designed to optimize your hearing experience depending on the surrounding sound environment – Hunting, Shooting, Focus and Comms.

Audio profiles

Sordin Supreme is simply the most robust and reliable hearing protector there is. It will never let you down, even in the harshest weather or user conditions.

5-year warranty

We asked hunters and their response was clear: The generous full 5-year warranty for all functional parts is a main reason why they keep coming back to Sordin Supreme Pro-X.

Compact mode

Remove the distance ring to reduce the attenuation value to SNR 26 dB and enjoy a slimmer cup design. Perfect for a day out hunting.

Upgrading non-SFA hearing protectors with additional absorbing material and a distance ring is not recommended as this causes the product to lose its official CE approval.

Hunters' first choice

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